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The Community of Martines was formed in 2004 in San Bernardino California. It presented the opportunity to start a Social Development Project and spiritual opening a cultural center that fighting for the rights of migrants, people with HIV homeless collective LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and allies) providing services comprehensive health and marginalized people struggling against racism to create a society of dignity and equality for all. Through work in San Bernardino contacted representatives of organizations in Aguascalientes and Michoacan in Mexico.

In 2007 the Rev. David J. Kalke and two pastoral agents opened the project in San Martin, Michoacan in HIV prevention and care and Aguascalientes began work to meet needs and structure activities with two organizations Blind. In both places leaders began to organize to solve their own problems, organized and together, overcome difficulties.

As 2010 comes to the city of Guadalajara with the intention of building the Community of AC Martines with the aim of making life and deepen the spirit and values ​​of the 4 Martines (San Martin Caballero, Martin Luther, St. Martin de Porres and Martin Luther King Jr.) that testify working with vulnerable sectors. He found the need to know more about the social reality to know what type of intervention performed, contacting NGOs and organized groups to form alliances and not duplicate work and identify needs. This is how it decides inserted in the Polanco to open a base community leaders identify and work starts in the center of the city, with the aim of promoting comprehensive sexuality social services to people in vulnerable situations.


Promote training processes with young people and adults through work in the areas of sexual health, education and popular culture, which empowers them as change agents to generate personal and social transformation that allows them to access a comprehensive development.



2017 To become a consolidated organization financially, structurally and strengthened work on empowering grassroots leaders to impact the construction of a society with equal opportunities to enable them to live with dignity.






Unit: One with the dialectical process of history from the point of view of the poor.


Equality: To each according to their needs without discrimination or favoritism based on resources.


Spirituality: When do acts of love, justice and mercy, God is discovered.


Peace: Peace in and among nations, creating conditions in which humans live in harmony.


Identity: A radical affirmation of "I am who I am" of every human being.


Solidarity: unconditional love with the vulnerable, marginalized, exploited.


Self-management: Every person and social sector have the resources to get up, make decisions and open your own destiny.


Dignity: Every human being has rights based on respect for his being and every being internalized value.




Guadalajara Plaza Project Area (downtown of Guadalajara) intended approach one of the most neglected and girls Guadalajara Popular TTT and workers (as) sex. Our popular education program is not to judge but to be associable in health and education services.

Rapid tests for HIV testing and monitoring ensures better quality of life for this sector.





The project for the training of health workers focuses on a working-class neighborhood of Polanco.

It recruits, organizes and trains youth in popular health. The objectives are to promote HIV prevention, family planning and eradicating sexual orientation discrimination.

Cultural events in the Café the Martins and parks and the combination of a presence in a post Sunday tianguis popular folk instruments to approach these colonies vulnerable sectors







Workshop with the blind

First Saturday of each month


Every Tuesday

in Marcopolo #2934.

Col. 18 de Marzo, GDL, JAL, MX.

8:00 pm


Health promoters, Square Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jal.

Monday to sunday

Paseo degollado

Lunch preparation for Migrants

First Sunday of Each Month

Mass: 3:00 PM

Preparing lunches: 4:00 PM

Delivery of lunches: 5:00 PM